Monday, December 8, 2008

Mennonites and Scenes From Southern Maryland.

First, we thought it appropriate to provide a little info on the people we will talk about in this post. Old Order Mennonites are a branch of the Mennonite church. Although the term strictly refers to one particular group, it is often used to refer to those groups of Mennonites who practice a lifestyle without some elements of modern technology. Old Order Mennonites are similar to Old Order Amish, both in practice and theology. They have distinctive forms of dress, frequently drive horse buggies, and may not have electricity. (Our friends drive buggy's and have no electricity.) They also speak a form of German called Pennsylvania Dutch. From what Rachel said it's a mixture of high German and Dutch mixed with some english words as well. For them this is their first language. They will then learn English once they begin school,in First grade. The avoidance of technologies by Old Order Mennonites and Old Order Amish is based not on a belief that the technology is in some way evil, but over a concern for the nature of their communities. Community is important to a Mennonite, and a technology or practice is rejected if it would adversely affect it. This means that the prohibitions are not usually absolute; a Mennonite who would not dream of owning a car may therefore use a car or other modern transport if a pressing need arises. This basis also means that a Mennonite sees no contradiction in having electricity in their milking barn — since that is necessary to comply with regulations on milk cooling — but not in their house. Other aspects of Old Order Mennonite life are concerned with plainness. The concept of plainness dictates the distinctive dress of the Mennonite. Plain to a Mennonite is the opposite of showy or ostentatious, and is considered a virtue. It is based on the belief that a person's true worth does not lie in their clothes or appearance. It is this aspect of their beliefs that regulates the dress style, giving Mennonites their distinctive look with straw hats or bonnets, and plain dresses or pants. Some groups that allow ownership of cars require that they be black with no chrome or other decoration. okay now the pictures!!..
An Old Order Mennonite Farm in Southern Md.
Rachel and Elsie (our friends) uncles workshop.
(notice the horse hitched up,ready to make a delivery!)
Our friends home who are Old Order Mennonites.
Notice the distance while taking the picture(:
(For those of you who don't know The Old Order
Mennonites beliefs forbid photography.)
Old Order Mennonite's Headed to Thanksgiving service at church. We got to ride in one of these for a good part of the day,making delivery's
with our friends and taking tours on the back roads in their community.
It was so fun,and a very memorable day!
We visited a friends pier while in the area.
Our Grandpa's Apartment. There are still a few pictures of Williamsburg left. We will post those soon!


Lisa said...

Girl's your time with Rachel and Elsie is an experience of a lifetime. The pictures are great.
Love Mom


hey girls, these pics were great, and i still think that i am positively sure that is one of the houses we visitied while we were there.. it really was something, and i am so glad yall have had the oppertunity to get to know them better, and i know yall had fun with them that day making those deliveries and riding around with them.. you are making such great memories you will be able to tell your kids about one day!!!! ilove you both!!

Elise said...

Nice pics from Southern Maryland, where we are - hope you enjoyed the visit!

Joan said...

We just visited Southern Maryland in hopes of getting a job there (we are currently unemployed). We visited the friend of a friend who is Old Order Mennonite. What a blessing to share some time with them. Today we got the offer. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to live in this beautiful area of the country. PS We are originally from Charleston, SC now living in Corning, NY. Your website is so sweet. I homeschool my 12 year old - we love it! Blessings to you both! Joan

Serge said...

Nice pics and great site. God bless you, sisters!!!