Monday, December 1, 2008

A tag

Hannah has tagged us!
The rules are to complete the tag and then tag at least two other people.
Here goes:
1: Snow or Rain? Snow
2: Dogs or Cats? Dogs
3: Lip gloss or Lip stick? Lip stick
4: Soccer or Basket Ball? neither ..(:
5: Pearls or Rubys? rubys
6: Bugs or mice? ewww neither, but if we had to choose it would be bugs! lol
7: Popcorn or Ice cream? Ice crean
8: Spring or Winter? Spring
9: Money or Clothes? Money
10: Cell phone or MP3 player? Cell phone
That was fun! Thanks for tagging us Hannah!
We are going to tag anyone who wants to do this!
~Have a great night!
More pictures from our trip to come!


Mississippi Songbird said...

That's a cute tag. It's fun to read about blog buddies.. Have a great week..