Monday, August 24, 2009

New phases.

Hello to all of our blogger friends! We thought that it was about time to make a blog post before you all think we have disappeared!! :) Well, in truthfulness I guess we have disappeared from the blogoshere. To be honest we haven't had the blogging spirit lately. ): Maybe it's all of the changes we have been and still are going through. Katie will be going into her junior year of high school (home school) this year. Which is a pretty big step in its self. Since I have graduated I now look back and realize just how important those last two years of high school really are. Next week I will begin a new phase in my life. College. I will be attending Bob Jones University. I am really looking forward to it. I know that it want be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. However, in the end I feel that a college experience at BJU will not only be beneficial academically but also spiritually. Katie and I both are looking forward to this coming school year. As you can imagine we probably want have much time to blog,but when we do find the time one of us will try to update you on our lives.
Have a great school year!!
~*Holly & Katie*~