Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rain,Rain & Winter Weather?

rain rain rain
Well maybe our weekend isn't going to be so busy after all! lol...It has rained for two straight days! And it doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon.(Which by the way we aren't complaining because we are still in a pretty bad drought here in SC). The weather forecast looks as if we may get some winter weather.Possibly 6 inches. That's a little to unbelievable since last night the temperature in our bonus room was around 75 degrees! However, it does seem to be getting colder really fast so..maybe we will get some snow/sleet. Who knows!? Anyway hope you all are having a great weekend! Is it rainy/snowy where you are?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogging Blue's

Hi! We hope you all have had a great week!
We have had a very busy week.
Full of school,chores and appointments!
Have you ever had days when there is
really nothing interesting to blog about?
Well, that's how it has been for us this past week..
I guess we've caught a case of the 'blogging blues'
We just wanted to let you all know that we have a busy weekend
coming up.So there probably want be too many posts from us.
Here is a hymn that we sing each week at sigma.We thought
that we would share it will you all. It is our theme
hymn of the year.
Lord, lay some soul upon my heart
And love that soul through me
And may I nobly do my part
To win that soul for Thee.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blogcasting award ...

Hello! We hope you all are having a great week! Our Friend Emily has so kindly given to us the "Excellence in Blogcasting" award.
Thank you Emily for reading our blog and for giving us this award!
The rules that correspond to this award are as follows:
#1. Post the award on your blog.
(we just realized that you can't actually copy the picture since our blog is now copyrighted.
So, If you would like the picture you can email us or visit Emily's blog and copy it from there.)
#2.Pass the award along to some friends;
#3.Let those friends know that they've received the award.
There are SO many people that we could pass
this award to!
Here are a few that we have chosen:
Our Mom @ A Place to Land.
~Have a Blessed Week!~

Friday, February 20, 2009

A nice thought..

~Have a great weekend!~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A rose for our Valentine! (0:

Hello everyone! We hope that you all are doing well and have had a great week so far! We have had a nice busy week. Hince our lack of blogging! lol. Truth be told we don't like for our blog to ever be "dead" but I guess that's just one of those things that you can't really help sometimes.
Here are a few pictures we took of Harley on Valentines Day. She seemed fascinated by the smell of roses! Isn't that cute! (;
Monday we went for a second tour of Bob Jones University. We were all very impressed. Lord willing,I will be starting my freshman year there this coming fall. I plan to major in Administrative Management (which will soon be Bussiness and Technology) and as a minor I am thinking about Economics.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's beginning to feel like springtime

Springtime Wonder

The sky has never looked so blue

Never a breeze so sweet

Flowers burst forth in brilliant array

As Springtime comes to greet. The trees stand tall in their glory

Tender leaves cover limbs once bare

Yards filled with laughing children

Can you match the splendor there. There is nothing quite as pleasant

As a walk in Springtime hours

The bees even harmonize with life

As they drift among the flowers. A golden rainbow after the storm

Beauty beyond compare

A taste of heaven here on earth

With green grass everywhere. God softly whispers to us

As gentle rains caress

The countryside, with drops of life

In such pure tenderness. And if you listen close enough

I'm sure that He'll impart

The freshness of Spring upon your soul

And a flower in your heart.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have a great week!

Hi everyone! We hope you all have a wonderful week!
Thank you all for your kind comments concerning my (Holly's) test.
I appreciated each one of them!
It was a gorgeous day here today.
The temps were in the mid-60s,
the sun was shining,the wind lightly blowing...
a wonderful reminder that spring-time is not that far away!
Needless to say we spent most of the
day outside!
~Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed week!~

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


..for the ACT. That's what I (Holly) have been busy with this past week and the weeks But more so this week, since the actual test is Saturday morning!
I'm nervous. I honestly can't imagine anyone not being
nervous about something like this! (:
I took the ACT last year (my junior year).
My score was average and I could have went on to college then,
However, I wanted to take it again this year to up my score.
Hopefully for scholarships!
And Katie, she's been busy with her school work as well.
So, now you know why we haven't blogged lately! (:
Hope you all are doing well!
~Have a great rest of the week!~

Monday, February 2, 2009

We've been tagged!

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend.
Hannah from A Girl's Life has tagged us! So, here goes..
Since we have two dogs we are going to write Harley's answers
in Red and Charlie's in Blue. And if the answer is the same for
both of them it will be Red.
2. HOW OLD IS YOUR DOG? 6 yrs. & 10 yrs.
3. WHAT IS YOU DOGS FAVORITE TREAT? premium liver treats.
4. IS YOU DOG A PICKY EATER? Yes with her dog food. Not at all.
7. DOES YOU DOG BARK AND GROWL AT PEOPLE SHE/HE DOESN'T KNOW? No, unless she wants them to give her a kiss! YES of course he's Daschund! lol
9. WHAT IS YOUR DOGS FAVORITE TOY? A stuffed Lamb. His teddy bear "Tubby".
10. DOES YOU DOG LIKE BATHS? Yes she loves her weekly baths! Sometimes.
That was fun!
Thanks Hannah for tagging us!
We are going to pass this along to whomever would like to do it! (:
~Have a great week!~