Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Break!

Hi,Hope you all are doing well! In reference to our last post..
Mom found our camera! We were SO happy! (:
Now we can capture all of the scenes from our Holiday to share with you all!
Katie and I have been extra busy with school this week.Trying to wrap up the first semester is always tiring, but then we have the
Christmas break to look forward to.
Our last day of school for this semester is tomorrow. We are looking forward to the Holidays.
There are a couple party's and "get-together's" planned. Which will be nice.
Well, there's an update on what we've been up to and what we will be doing this holiday season. So,what about you all. What are you plans for Christmas?
~Have a great day!~


Cassidy Lynn (: said...

Glad yall found your camera!!! & have fun at your parties! :) I will be going to a few holiday gatherings myself as well as getting together with my family for Christmas! Bye!!

Love yah,
Cassie ***

Lydia W. said...

Holly and Katie,

I'm glad your camera was found! My last day of school for this year is tommorrow, as well. :) I am really excited about this Christmas. Both sets of my grandparents are coming to visit, as well as my Aunt and two cousins. One of my cousins is only a few months old, so I am really looking forward to being able to see her. :) Do y'all have any family coming in for Christmas?

I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas!

Autumn said...

Glad to hear about your camera.

Have a nice break!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Merry Christmas, Holly and Katie :)