Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lost camera!

Hi everyone! Sorry we haven't posted in awhile. The big reason why we haven't posted lately is that our camera is lost!! It's so nerve racking! We've looked everywhere we can think of but to no avail..it's yet to be found. ): I am sure it will show up some where. The good thing is that we think the last time we used it we were in the house so..hopefully that is the case and we will find it tucked away in a drawer. But in the mean time it's making us pretty sad that the Holiday's are here and we have yet to take pictures of our decor! And this weekend with all of the Christmas party's coming up what are we to do?! Pray that we find our camera soon or our blog could come down with a serious case of the blue's (from lack of posting)! lol
~Have a great day!~


Lisa said...

Mama found your lost camera. So happy for you two sisters.
Love you lots. Mom

Mississippi Songbird said...

YEAH! Glad your Momma found the camera!.. I bet that's a relief.. Momma's are fantastic. Don't ever forget that..lol
Merry Christmas and God Bless!
Bunches of hugs....