Saturday, January 3, 2009

A review from an Editor.

Hi,We hope you all are having a great weekend! A few days ago Katie and I noticed a particular web address link kept showing up on our site meter,when we visited the site we found that one of our blog post had been 'highlighted' by an Editor. We found that pretty interesting.
Here is part of the the Editor's post,entitled "Sweet and Sour"..thankfully we fell under the sweet Not to say that we totally agree with everything that the Editor said here,that's just natural you know! But, after all that's an Editor's job.
All and all we thought this review rewarding.
Here is a link to the website were this post was published.
The first blog I'm highlighting is in the "sweet" category. I admit, I found the music that automatically plays on their site annoying and the graphic of falling snowflakes distracting, but then I saw that the authors were two teenage girls so I gave them a pass. The blog is written by two home-schooled sisters in South Carolina and one of their recent posts details a recent visit to an Old Order Mennonite community in southern Maryland. I found this post fascinating on many levels. They have some great photos, their observations are wise beyond their years, and I just, in general, find the Old Order Mennonites a fascinating group. They are much smaller in number and, therefore much less anthropologically studied than the Amish. And the fact that this community is in southern Maryland makes it all the more interesting to me - Old Order Mennonites infused with a bit of southern customs. I found the sisters' reference to a "Thanksgiving Day church service" intriguing and wish they would have given a bit more information. But all in all their blog post is an intriguing read.
Just thought we'd share this with you all.
Have a great Sunday!


Lisa said...

Wow! I think it's wonderful that this editor could give you such good reviews on your blog. I am proud of you two.I love it~I havent saw that on anyones blog.

Brooke said...

What a wonderful review of your blog! That's great :)

That's so awesome! I have also been accepted to Bob Jones University but I am still praying if the Lord would have me to go this fall. Tuition is so much! Hey, if I do we'll definitely have to meet up or something! *grin*

Anyway, I think that's so neat. What will you be studying?

God bless you,