Monday, January 12, 2009

Our sweet Harley..

We have been kidding Harley
latley that she and Mr. Higgins would make a cute couple! lol (;
Standing guard on the stairs (; Helping clean the kitchen... Watching over the cookies baking in the oven. ~Have a great week everyone!~


Abigail said...

**Mr. Higgins is blushing**

He thinks Harley is quite beautiful and would like to meet her one day! : o )

He said that he would especially like the fact that Harley watches cookies in the oven.

Mr. Higgins likes to STEAL cookies that come out of the oven!

: o D

Cute post!


Patti said...

Harley is such a cutie!

Lisa said...

Oh how sweet! Harley and Mr Higgins make such a cute couple and they sneak cookies togther.
oxoxox Mom

Hannah said...

Harley is so cute! I love her collar I will have to Tipper one like that! I have tagged yall for a tagg! Just go on my blog to see how to do it!

Alexandra said...

Aw! We used to have a dog that looked just like that! Sweet!