Friday, January 23, 2009

The "Big" chore day!

Hi! Hope you all are having a great Friday!
We just got finished with school for the week. (:
We clean everyday here,including vacuuming,dusting and mopping several times a week, but Fridays are our "big" chore days in which we change bed sheets,
vacuum carpets,polish furniture,scrub bathrooms,wash,dry,fold and put away all laundry,wipe everything off,clean appliances (microwave,refrigerator) and mop etc.. and oh yes,we give Harley her weekly spa treatments! (bathing) lol (; on Fridays!
Just so you know,that's all we will be doing this evening!
Or should I say I will be doing this evening ... I(Holly) actually like
doing chores..(more than Katie) I love spending the evening/night
cleaning and then waking up to a sparkly clean house! lol
We hope you all have a terrific weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey! your page is so pretty! Love that first song... what's it called? I'm glad you enjoy cleaning so much Holly lol.. though I have to say I'm with you Katie lol. have a wonderful evening!

The Sisters said...

Hey Gina,
It's good hearing from you! (:
The song is called Stay by Allison Krause.

~Have a good weekend!
~See you soon

Patti said...

Could you come this way when your done with yours?LOL
Have a nice weekend!

Brooke said...


AWww, I just love your new blog background! It is sooo lovely!

It sounds like you girls have been very busy. We usually do the same except we do it all on Saturdays :) So I have lots of cleaning tomorrow!

Holly, to answer your question, I am hoping to major in early childhood education. I think it will make a great job before I am married and will be a great asset to homeschooling later on. Have you decided what you'd like to study since I've talked to you? Business is a good one. I am still so happy to meet someone who is planning on going to the same college! It will be so neat to meet you.

God bless,

P.S. You are welcomed to add me to your friend's list. Thank you for asking :)

Jessica said...

I had my sis-in-law over this week to help me clean, she was a huge help!! My house is now all squeeky clean. And I am so happy!!!! :) There is nothing like a clean house.

Laura said...

I love cleaning at night for the same reason. ;) It's sooo nice waking up to a sparkling clean house. *happy sigh*

Thank you for your comment on Judie's post! She sends hugs back!!