Monday, August 11, 2008

A New Recipe.

Hi, Hope you all had a great Monday! We didn't really do to much today. We are enjoying our last couple of weeks off from school.We start back on the 25th of August. We are looking forward to starting off a new year but I am sure we will miss all of this "free" time! (: We went and ran a few errands today. It was SO hot outside. Well, it has been for awhile now. At least it's not in the 100s anymore..right? We wanted to let you all know that we updated our recipe blog this evening with a recipe that we made. It is a chocolate eclair.It's one of those refrigerated desserts so it is always better in the summer time!
You can click Here to go to our recipe blog.
Have a great rest of the week!!


Autumn said...

I love your new look.
I start school tomorrow.

Collin said...

Its been around 85 in the afternoon where I live. And like 60 in the morning. And its too bad I start school tomorrow. Chocolate eclairs sound good