Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain,Wind and Tornado's..

The view from our front door.
Yes rain,wind, and isolated tornado's possible. That's whats in our weather forecast. Early this afternoon as a result of remnants of tropical storm Fay a tornado touched down in a near by town damaging Clemson University's football stadium. Our county was under tornado warnings and watches several times this evening but thankfully so far we have been spared. We have gotten a lot of wind and some much needed rain.


Marci said...

We are just getting the rain. We really needed it. I am glad you have been spared from the tornados.

Collin said...

Yeah were getting lots of rain but no signs of tornadoes. it looks like your getting more rain then us. It's rained for three days straight but not hard.

Autumn said...

We are getting rain too!
I'm glad that you haven't been hurt in the tornado.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness we got tons of rain as well:) There were warnings everywhere around us!!