Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pictures From Today.

Hi, Hope you all had a great Thursday!
After finishing school we went outside and did some yard work.
Mowing grass,picking weeds,etc.. Then later this evening
we went down for a late,cool,
but nice swim.We have had a really good week of school.However,there is always something about the first week back that is tiring.We are looking forward to the weekend! (:
Here are a few pictures that were taken today.
Looking through the wreath at our front door.
~Have a great Friday!!~


Kristi said...

We're going to officially start on Monday. I'm eager to figure out a routine with all that's going on here these days. I'm glad y'all had a great week.

Enjoy your weekend!

~Mrs. Kristi

Marci said...

Are you homeschooled or do you go to public school? The swim sounds nice. I love to swim, but no access to a pool. =)

The Sisters said...

Hi Thanks for the comments!
We homeschool. You should come swim with us sometime! (:

~Have a nice day!

Lisa said...

Thank you both for making this school a good done.Looking forward to a restful weekend. Love you Mom.

Collin said...

Hey about how warm is your pool right now? ours is like 75 to cold to swim.

Autumn said...

I hope that school gets less tiring for you!
I liked the first picture.

The Sisters said...

Thanks for the comment you guys!
We're not actually sure what the temp. of our pool is. Maybe the next time we catch the pool maintence guy we will see if he It wasn't too cold though just a little chilly, but then the sun was down to and that makes the water cooler.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Such a nice place.. Thanks for the photos. They are really god. I hope you have a safe Labor Day weekend!