Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Busy Weekend..

Hi,How are you all? Sorry we haven't posted in awhile. We have had a very busy weekend. Katie and I started painting our bathroom late Thursday evening,we were not through with that until around 12:30am we were very tired but we were pleased with the end result so.. it was worth it! We will try to post pictures of it soon. Then the next day (Friday) we had all of our carpet professionally cleaned so we spent that day cleaning and rearranging everything. Yesterday we ran a few errands. And today I(Holly) have cleaned some more! We went to the pool earlier which was nice since it has been in the 90s for the past few days. Now we are just waiting for the sun to go down so that hopefully it will cool off some and we can go outside and enjoy the evening!
We hope you all have a great week!


Lisa said...

Holly & Katie
Your bathroom looks good. your girl's can paint!Love you 2 ~ Mom

Happymama said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the bathroom. I know y'all did a great job.

~Mrs. Kristi

Shelly said...

Holly and Kate, Sounds like you have been really busy. I enjoyed looking at your blog. Looks like you have changed it up a bit. Looks very nice.

Do you help your Mom with the yard work? In the pics of the dog, looks like the yard work is beautiful.

WE are finally in the high 70's. WE got to 80 right now and this week later will be warmer. I like that so we can enjoy our pool.