Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dinner at Caro-Mi.

(Beautiful scenery on the way)
We all had a very nice time.
Happy Father's Day,Daddy!
We love you!


Lisa said...

You girl's are so lucky to have the best Daddy in the world. He takes the prize.Love you Mom

Annabeth said...

Hey! I found your blog from Meredith's.
Y'all have a very nice blog. On your play list I notice y'all are playing David Archuleta! I love Archie!!:)
In His Love, Anna

Happymama said...

So where is this place anyway??

~Mrs. Kristi

The Sisters said...

Hi Mrs. Kristi,
Caro-Mi is in Tryon,North Carolina.
About 30 mins. from here.