Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Try and I Got It!

Hi, How are you all? Yesterday I went to the local DMV and took the test to get my drivers permit.This was the first time I had taken it..and I passed! Although I am really not all that focused on driving right now I am still happy that I got it.I will be taking my ACT next week and I need some form of ID,so I decided that since I am already 17, I should go ahead and get my permit.
Katie and I are both enjoying our weekend... Dispite the fact that it is currently 102 degrees outside.Needless to say we want be spending much time outside. All of the poor flowers look so thirsty,So we will have to go out tonight and water them. This type of heat makes us really thankful for Air Conditioning!
How is your weekend going?


Autumn said...

Congratulations on your permit!
I hope that your ACT goes well. I haven't taken it yet, but I plan to in the fall. I am shooting for a score of at least 26 for my first try...but my brother just took it and got a 31. I'll try to do as good as him! I'm sure that you'll do great, and I'll be praying for you.
102? That is hot. It was 96 here today. Our pool water was 85 degrees. But it still felt good!
Have a great week!

Shelly said...

Congrats Holly! Do you have to take a course with so many hours of driving too. The kids have to do that now, it is required. They have two segments and have to complete so many hours driving inbetween segments before they can actually go and get the license.

The Sisters said...

Hi Shelly,
Thanks! Here in South Carolina you can get your permit at 15. Since Iam already 17 I do not have to take the actual driving course through the state. I just have to hold my permit for at least 180 days and then I am eligible for my license. But I will still have to take a drivers test when I go to apply for my license. Just not through an actual Driving school or anything like that.

~Have a great day!



congrats holly!! now, when you get your licsence, you can drive wade and lisa around, lol! now, katie needs to try for her permit. have a great day and stay cool!!

Melissa said...

Congrats, I know the feeling of relief to have that behind you!!! Good for you!!!


Nonna said...

Congratulations Holly! Getting your drivers permit is a big milestone!

Happymama said...

Congrats on your permit! Hope you do good on your ACT.

~Mrs. Kristi

Marci said...

Congratulations!!!! Good job!!

Lisa said...

I am proud of you for getting your permit. Love you 2 very much.
Katie Your baked fish recipe was so good. Loved it Mom

Mississippi Songbird said...

Congratulations! Stay safe!