Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Few Pictures From Our Flower Garden's

Hi Everyone,We hope you all are having a great day!
We just came back inside from taking these
pictures.Here are some of our Pansie's from our Flower Garden's.
It is really starting to feel more like fall here,
right now it is around 50 degrees which is quite a
change from the 70s we were having a few days ago.
Today it has been extremely windy!
Well,Enjoy the Pic's and have a great rest of the day!
~The Sisters,Holly&Katie~


Three Sisters Blog said...

Beautiful pictures!
It has been really windy here too.

Jessica said...


It's a blessing that they are still alive with all the wind and COLD!! :)

Hannah said...

The flowers are so pretty!
I especially like the little purple flowers.

Kate said...

Beautiful pictures!
It's kind of cold here too! Here it'll be almost 80 degrees on Thanksgiving!

marsha said...

The flowers are lovely!!

Karen said...

The flowers are beautiful.