Friday, November 2, 2007

The Weekend is Here!...Almost

Hello,How are you all?
We are glad it is Friday well..actually
It is almost Saturday!(:
We have had a busy week...As you can tell Harley is just beat! lol
We just took this picture of her,She just went to sleep..
with her pink rabbit and blanket....You can tell she is spoiled right? lol
She is Such a Precious little girl,We count ourselves blessed to have her(;
Until our next post, hope you all Have a wonderful Weekend!


Three Sisters Blog said...

The photo is so cute! Have a great weekend!

3 sisters

Kate said...

Hey girls,
Harley is so cute with her blanket and pink rabbit!

Lisa said...

Is as sweet as she looks <3.lOVE MOM

marsha said...

This is total cuteness. My mother-in-law had a dog named boo that looked just like this one. That is so sweet.