Monday, November 12, 2007

Autumn Colors

Hi, hope you all have had a great Monday!
For some reason we Haven't gotten around to posting lately....
So here are a few Pictures, some of them were taken last week
and some were taken earlier today.
The Leaves as well as the Sunsets have been really pretty
around Our neighborhood this Autumn.
Sorry about the quality of some of the pics
(We used the cell phone for some of them)
~Have a great Week~


Kate said...

Hey Holly & Katie,
It's beginning to look like Autumn but not feel like Autumn!! It was 72 degrees yesterday!
When I was going to piano lessons I noticed some gorgeous trees. They were bright orange and red. I mean REALLY red!
Talk to you later!

Marci said...

I like your pictures. I can't believe that we still have leaves on our trees. Many of them are already bare, but there is still lots of color for this late in November!!!

The Sisters said...

Hi Kate,
It has been in the low 70s here in the daytime also,But at night it gets pretty chilly!Thanks for the comment!


The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
Thanks for commenting! It seems like everyday more and more of the leaves are falling! We agree the colors are still really beautiful though!

Have a nice day~