Monday, October 22, 2007

New Picture's

Hi Everyone, Hope you all are having a great Monday!
Here are a some new pictures that we took yesterday.
The first one is of Harley being all "sweet" in her Autumn ribbon and pearls.(:
And the next two are Us on our back patio,the Sun was shinning
so beautifully yesterday evening!
Today we have been getting some much needed rain!
*enjoy the pics*
~Have a Great Monday~


Lydia said...

Great pictures! You both look so pretty!

The Sisters said...

Aww Lydia your sweet! (: Thanks for the comment!


Lisa said...

Great Pictures Girls. What a beautiful Sunday we had! Love you 2 sisters ((Mom))

Jessica said...

The pictures are beautiful!!

(Holly, I ment to ask you... if you would post a picture when you are able to do the scrapbook page I sent you. I don't want to rush you to do it... but I know I will forget to ask later!! LOL!! My mind has a million different things to remember!!)

The Sisters said...

Mom,Thanks for the comment we love you too!

The Sisters said...

Hi,I will be sure and post a picture Of my scrapbook page that you made me! I have been in the process of Printing out some of my fav. Pictures. I just have to find the time to do it! But it should be sometime in the near future!Thanks for reminding me!

I Hope youre having a wonderful day!


Autumn said...

Harley is so cute!
Those pictures of both of you are cute too. You look so happy and you have beautiful hair!

The Sisters said...

Thanks For the nice comment Autumn! Have a great day tommorow!


Happymama said...

Harley is precious in her ribbon and pearls. Very cute!

Y'all are beautiful too!!!


~Mrs. Kristi

Three Sisters Blog said...

Beautiful pictures!

Kate said...

Hey Girls!
Harley is soo cute and you bothe look beautiful!

Chyrll said...

Beautiful pictures! Harley is so cute!

Karen said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Your dog looks really cute.
Very nice pics.

I'll stop by another time and read some of your posts.

God Bless.

The Sisters said...

Hi Karen,
Your Welcome,We enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for leaving us a comment! We hope that you will visit us again!

God Bless You!