Friday, October 12, 2007

My Autumn swap Box came today!!!

(click on the pictures to enlarge and view all of my gifts!!)
I have been watching for My Autumn Swap Box. guess what??? (: It came today!!
I couldn't wait to open it and find all of the nice things
Jessica got me!!
First of all everything was color coordinated to match all
of my favorite colors!
How cool!!
Everything had something to do with
What I mentioned in my Questionnaire!
She even made me a Page to add to my scrapbook!
Titled: Sisters, I thought that was very fitting!
I can't wait to get some pictures
printed out and posted on that beautiful page!
~Thanks so much Jessica!!~
I loved all of my gifts!!


Jessica said...

Your Welcome Holly!!!

I had so much fun buying all the things for your box!! :)

Kate said...

Hey Holly!
Do you like to scrapbook? I love scrapbooking!
Have a great week!

The Sisters said...

Hi,Thanks for the comments.

Kate,Yes I also like to scrapbook when I can find the!