Thursday, October 25, 2007

* After the Rain*...

Hi, We hope you all have had a great week,
It is hard to believe that it is already Thursday!
This week we have got some much needed rain Here in Upstate, SC .
The Picture is one that We took from Our backyard on Tuesday
evening while we were admiring the sunset after a good days worth of showers.
(We thought the way the cloud's were formed was a little unusual but pretty.)
~Have a Blessed Day~


Lisa said...

Katie & Holly
I love the skyline views here in the evening. The cloud formations have been beautiful lately! I love you both. Mom

Three Sisters Blog said...

We're glad for the rain too!
Beautiful picture!

Kate said...

It's been rainy and cold here since Monday! I don't mind it being cold but I'm ready for some sunshine! LOL

The Sisters said...

Hi Everyone Thanks for your comments! The rain seems to have cooled it down here as well it really does feel much more like fall now!

~Have a great weekend~