Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Poem

Here is a Poem that we ran across.It was nice and it sorta matched the theme of Our blog (the pink and purple butterfly thing). We are having a good week in School so far. We hope all of you are as well!! Have a Great Rest of the Week!!! ~Holly&Katie~


Lisa said...

Katie & Holly
I loved the poem and I love you both!! Mom

Kate said...

Oh Girls, I LOVE that poem! I also love the butterfly! :0)
I probably better get busy. We are off of school this week (Yay!) and My Grandmother's coming around lunch. She lives in Kentucky but stays in Nashville most of the time. I can't wait!
Have a good rest of the week!

P.S Just wondering but what math do you use?

Lydia said...

How pretty! Thank you for your comments you left on my blog.
I don't mind at all if you add me to your links. Thank you,


hey girls,
hope yall are having a great day. i enjoyed the poem. it wont be long and it will be church time. where are yall going now? we sure miss ya!! have a great night. love,dana

The Sisters said...

Mom,Thanks for commenting Love you to!

Glad you liked the poem. Hope you had a Nice visit with your grandma!
We both use the Bob Jones University Curriculum For Math.
...Hey when are we going to get an Invite to your blog! (:

Lydia,Thanks for commenting. We added you to our links.

Thanks for the comment! Hope you had a nice day! We havent found a "Home" church yet,We are still visiting different churches in Our area.