Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Partners Selected for the Autumn swap!

Earlier Today (after school) Katie and I Drawed the Names for the Autumn Craft Swap! To see The partners go to the Autumn Swap Blog ....Thanks to all of you who participated! Katie received Lydia's name, and I (Holly) received Jessica's name. We look forward to swapping crafts with you two! Hope everyone Has a great week!
~Holly & Katie~


Jessica said...

Hey Holly,

I look forward to swapping with you too!!


The Sisters said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the nice comment!!


Kate said...

Hey Holly & Katie!
That sounds like fun!!
Are you going to do this again next year? If you are are probably participate. I didn't have enough time to get the things to swap. I only had like 2 dollars! LOL
Have a great day!!

Lydia said...

I'm looking forward to the swap too! It will be fun swapping with you, Katie! It will be so much fun!