Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy First Day Of Fall

In a few Minutes it will be the First Day of Fall!! Fall really is a Beautiful Time of year! All of the Pretty flowers and the Leaves.....Here is picture of some Marigolds from Our Flower Garden, This was right after we planted them now they are "HUGE" (-: . Hope everyone has a great Autumn ! Speaking of Autumn if you Haven't Checked Out the Autumn Swap **~Click Here~**



Lisa said...

Hey, The flowers have grown alot since that photo. Love you two. Mom

Kate said...

Hey Holly & Katie!!
That's a beautiful picture!!
Today we put the cover on our pool... where has the summer gone??
LOL The summer is always so short, but the winter is soooo long!! It gets 100 degrees in summer, but 20 degrees in winter!!
Hope you both had a great weekend!!


The Sisters said...

Yes all of the flowers have grown so much.Thanks for the comment


The Sisters said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for the comment!
We know What you mean about Summer going by so fast! Our Pool with be closing next saturday.

Hope you have a nice Week ahead!