Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pool Weather

Hi everyone! It already feels like it is going to be another scorching hot summer day here in South Carolina. We visited our neighborhood swimming pool for the first time yesterday. The temps were in the 90s, so the chilly water was quite refreshing! (: We are enjoying our nice relaxing summer break from school! Hope you all are having a great summer also!
~Have a blessed day!


Laura said...

Amen! whew! I'm determined to talk all our SC relatives into visiting us during the summer ;) TOO hot to go down there!

Cassidy Lynn (: said...

I wouldn't know how my summer break is going yet because i'm still in school for another week unfortunately! :( but sounds like yall are having fun. can't wait to go swimming too!!

-Cassie (:

Collin said...

Or pool water has been about 80 degrees and its been about 85+ outside so it feels really good.


The Sisters said...

Your pool water sounds like it feels nicer than ours lol It has been in the mid 90s here but the water is still chilly. I think the pool guy keeps adding fresh water to it. (0:

Lisa said...

I love your new blog template and I have enjoyed our pool days too. I love both my girlies so much!
Mom oxoxox