Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hello to all of our blogger friends!! We hope you all are having a great summer!
It has been really hot here,and to think that it isn't even technically summer yet! (=
I went to the DMV yesterday and got my driver's license. I don't know why I waited so long to get them. I guess it's just because I am always with my parents and they always drive us anywhere we need to go. When I found out that I was going to be a town student this fall I knew that I would need to drive to and from school each day,so a driver's license was pretty much a necessity! (: We have been going to the pool quite often, about every other day. We also been baby sitting our Aunt (Mom's little sister) Gracie. She is so sweet! We are having tons of fun with her! (= Well, that is what we have been doing lately. We miss hearing from you all. We are defiantly going to have to try to post more often!!
~Have a great week!~


Marci said...

How old is your Mom's little sister? What are you going to have to drive? Are you buying a new car?

Jessica said...

Glad to hear that yall are doing good. I was the same way with my drivers license! I didn't really "need" one, since I was always with my mom, so I didn't get mine until I was about 17.

The Sisters said...

Hello Marci,
Gracie will be turning 7 yrs. old this month. She is one of God's amazing miracles and a true blessing to all who know her! (; I will be driving my parent's 2009 BMW 328i. I don't think I will buy a car at the moment. I defiantly couldn't afford to buy a nice one since I don't have a public job. So I think I'll just stick with borrowing the beamer for the time being! (0;

~God Bless,

Life Savior said...

Cool blog there.


Mississippi Songbird said...

Congrats on the drivers license. Now be sure and drive safely.. no texting or talking on the phone while driving.. Don't play with the radio while driving either.. Geeee. Do I sound like a mom of a teen??..lol
Bunches of hugs..

I love your music on your blog..