Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Nice Day for a Drive...

Hi,How are you all? We are both doing great.It was such a beautiful Autumn day here today.
After school we accompanied our Mom to an appointment she had. We enjoyed the sunny drive to Tryon,NC. Here are a few pictures I took on our drive.
( Picture's courtesy of Holly).. (;
Lake Bowen Endless Sky's Headed Home. We always enjoy our trips to the Tryon area. It is such a beautiful place and we are happy that we are not to far away that we can't take in it's beauty ever once in a while. ~Have a great weekend!~


Marci said...

Great scenery. I hope to one day live close enough to the mountains to see them for just a drive. =)

Lisa said...

I enjoyed my girl's company today. The leaves were beautiful. Hope to see more this weekend. Love you both. Mom~

Kristi said...

Ewww, I love that black and white of the side mirror!