Wednesday, October 15, 2008

College Tours Part 1.

Most of you are probably aware that I (Holly) am currently in my Senior Year of High school. As some of you already know this is a very important time in a students life. Not only academically but also in making such decisions as which college to attend?,Which major?,or even for some the main question might be: Should I attend college?. My Family and I have thought and prayed on this subject for along time now and I have come to the conclusion that yes,I do want to attend college simply as a means of furthering my education and hopefully enabling a secure future for myself. Of course it all depends on whether this is the Lords will for my life.
Right now we are in the first steps. Yesterday we went to tour the first college of choice
Bob Jones University. Here are a few pictures.

The War Memorial Chapel.

Entering the University. Students at BJU come from every state in the US and more than 50 different countries. The David Field House. We were very impressed with BJU. We plan on touring a few more colleges in the coming months. I would like to ask all of you to kindly keep My Family and I in your prayers as we make these important decisions.
~~~ Afterwards we took a tour of the Museum and Gallery on Campus. It houses more biblical artifacts than any other museum in the Western hemisphere. Second only to the Vatican. It was very interesting!
~Have a great rest of the week!~


Meredith Ivy said...

I will be praying for you, Holly, as you and your family make this important decision!

Lisa said...

I enjoyed the tour of BJU and I must say I was impressed with this college campus.Your post was worded so well. God will supply all ours needs. I love you. Mom

Jennifer said...

Yes the dog in the picture is mine, I just love her so much:) I will be praying as you make college choices!

Jessica said...

I will be praying that the Lord will show you and your parents what college is best for you.

Love ya! Jessica

Kristi said...

Holly, BJU has Get Aquainted Days in the spring and maybe fall...not sure...but anyway, definitely in the spring. It's a time where you can stay on campus and visit classes you may be interested in. I believe Pensecola and other schools have days like this too. Have you checked into that?

Choosing a college is an easy decision if you're seeking the Lord's will. I'm sure He'll point your heart in the direction He wants you to take.

~Mrs. Kristi

Mississippi Songbird said...

What a beautiful campus! Yes, I'm sure you will make the right choice.. Bunches of hugs...

Autumn said...

It looks like a nice campus!