Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our State Flag

For curiosity's sake we have been doing a little research on our state flag.
Here is some info we found out about South Carolina's Flag.
The flag of South Carolina is believed to have been originally designed in 1775 for use by South Carolinian troops during the American Revolutionary War. The blue of the flag was borrowed from the militia's uniforms and the crescent from the emblem on their caps. However, elements that compose the current flag were seen in as far back as 1765, in a banner used by South Carolina protesters of the Stamp Act.The current version of the flag was adopted on 28 January 1861 as the "national" flag of the newly seceded state. The only change was the addition of the palmetto tree, which represents the defense of Fort Moultrie (constructed of palmetto logs) on Sullivan's Island from British attack in June 28, 1776. The flag remained the official state flag after the end of the American Civil War.
~ South Carolina's flag was ranked as being the 10th best designed state or provincial flag in North America by the North American Vexillological Association in 2001.
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Lisa said...

This was Interesting to read about the cresent saped moon. I like to read the history behind things as well. Love Mom

Karen said...

Hmmm. Interesting. Thanks for the information.

Bethan Louise said...

Yes, I am a history buff! Thank you ladies for this recent post!!! It was kst interesting =D

Mississippi Songbird said...

It is a cool design....
I hope you have a great Sunday and rest of the week..