Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Spring Flower Garden...

Hi Everyone,We hope you all are doing well.
Today was a beautiful day here,
a great day for planting a spring flower garden.
And that is what we did!
We cleared out all of the pansies and made room for what
we call our spring "bouquet".
Here are some pictures from today.

We planted Pink,Red,White,and Yellow Dwarf Snapdragons.

Pink Dahlia



Summer Daisy's

The finished product
An Azalea plant in our back yard.


Marci said...

Your flowers are beautiful. Want to come and help me in my garden?? =)

Lisa said...

The flowers are beautiful and so are you two. Inside and out. Love you both bunches. Mom

Happymama said...

Very beautiful, girls! Now, will you come do mine????


~Mrs. Kristi

Autumn said...

Those are beautiful. Zinnias are my favorite to plant.

Melissa said...

These are such beautiful pictures!! I can't wait until all our flowers are in full bloom!!!


Alisha said...

What beautiful flowers. I love all the colors.

Three Sisters Blog said...

Your flowers are so pretty!

The Sisters said...

Thank you all for your nice comments!