Saturday, January 5, 2008

Homeade Aprons

Hi,We Hope you all are having a great Weekend! We have spent most of our weekend sewing with our new sewing machine that we got for Christmas. We had lots of fun making these Aprons. We also have made Harley a Blanket it is so cute!, we will have to post pictures of it soon.

Enjoy what's left of the Weekend!



Melissa said...

Very cute...I always wanted to make an apron for myself!!! Maybe I will...

Your Blog Friend,

Autumn said...

Those are really pretty! What kind of machine did you get? I have a Westinghouse from the 50's. You are doing a really good job! Have you sewn anything before?
I spent the weekend making an apron too. The pattern looks very similar. Mine is going to a friend though. Too bad I can't keep it!

The Sisters said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for commenting! You really should try to make you an Apron... it is really fun! and simple once you get the hang of it. (:

The Sisters said...

Thanks for the nice comment!
Our Sewing Machine is a Singer Prelude.This was Our first time sewing anything!! lol I can't believe we havent ever did it is really so much fun isn't it!?


katie and holly, yall did a great job on your apron. you both are great little homemakers!!!hope yall have a great week!!! love ya, dana

Lydia said...

Beautiful aprons!
You both did a wonderful job!

Hannah said...

Your aprons are so pretty!
Great job!