Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally...some snow!!!

(Referring to the post before this)....It's Snow!! We have finally gotten some snow in South Carolina!!!
It started snowing around 9 last night and stopped sometime around mid-
morning.We got about 3 inches...(I know we were just snowplowing our way around!!) lol..but it was very pretty! Some of it has melted but there is still a lot
lying around.Here are a few pictures that were taken around our yard and neighborhood. The birdhouses were made by our Mennonite friends in Maryland,
they showed up especially pretty in the snow.
Did you get any snow where you are?


Happymama said...

Yeppers!! Got snow too!!


~Mrs. Kristi

Melissa said...

I'm soooooo happy for guys, you've been waiting for that for a while now!!!



hey girls, i love your pics of the snow. it was very pretty. i hope yall have a great weekend and stay safe. also,we are having a big youth rally , i believe on march 1st. revival with bro. joe arthur, feb. 28- mar.1, with a big youth rally on that saturday night. yall ought to make plans to come. we would love to see ya!!!! have a blessed weekend.

Three Sisters Blog said...

We got snow too! The pictures are so pretty!

Growing In Grace Magazine said...

What a beautiful blanket of snow. I especially like the birdhouses.