Thursday, December 13, 2007

A New Blog

Hi,Just wanted to let you know that we have started another Blog!
This One is Dedicated To Harley.
It is a place for us to share more pictures of Her and also
maybe a few pictures of Charlie as well!
Be sure and check it out,Here is the link.... The Sweet Life of A Shih Tzu.
We are still working on this blog,but we thought we would go ahead
and tell everyone about it.
~Have a great Day!~


Autriella said...

The new blog is very pretty. lol. I like Harley's music choices.

Lisa said...

Your blog is really beautiful.Merry Christmas to my sweethearts. Mom

The Sisters said...

Thanks for commenting on Harleys Blog! (:

The Sisters said...

Thanks Mom,Merry Christmas to you!