Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is it really almost Winter?

Hi,How are you all? We hope you are having a great week!
Friday is Our last day of School for the Year,
So we have been pretty busy getting ready to wrap up
the First Semester.
We are looking forward to having 2 week's off for the Holidays!
Though it really doesn't feel much like Christmas here in
Upstate, South Carolina.
Earlier today the temperature reached to 80 degrees!(it is 77 right now!)
So Our New record high Temp. for December has been replaced to 80 degrees.
Wow! ...Yes...It truthfully does feels very weird to be wearing summer clothes in December! lol (:
Have a great day,


Lisa said...

All this warm weathers makes me want to get in the dirt and plant some flowers! Love you Mom

Melissa said...

I can't believe what I just read...Here I am in Long Island, New York waiting for a large snow storm to arrive tomorrow and not that far from me it is still 80 degrees!!! WOWEEEEE!!! I have to admit it that even though I really don't like cold weather at all, it really must be strange to have this warm weather at Christmas for you guys. But, I guess no matter where you are and what type of weather you're having, Christmas is always one of the best time of years ever...

Autumn said...

It has been really hot here too. About 74 degress. I wish it would snow!

The Sisters said...

I know! Thanks for commenting!

The Sisters said...

I know it is VERY strange!!
But yes, like you said..Christmas is still the best time of year!
Thanks for commenting!


The Sisters said...

Yes,I would LOVE for it to snow!
Thanks for the comment!