Monday, June 11, 2007

The Pictures of the Day.


Here are a few Pictures of Harley & Charlie.Some of them are from last week and some are from Today.Hope you Enjoy them!!


Moobear said...

Hi Holly & Katie,

Thank you so much for your visits and comments. I think Harley looks so much like Roxy does after her hair grows out. We were having a storm and I was fixing to comment when BAM the power went off, so I got back on to finish my comment.
Hope you girls are having a good time, assuming you are out of school for the summer. Have fun, stay safe and God Bless. Thanks again for your visits!

The Sisters said...

Hi Thanks so much for your comments too!...We had a little thunderstorm earlier but luckily our power didnt go out.Yes Thank goodness we are out on summer break!!Although We still try to do alot of reading and reviewing throughout the summer.Hope you have a great evening and come back soon!!


Happymama said...

Love the pictures. I especially enjoyed the one where Harley's tongue was sticking out. LOL


The Sisters said...

Hi,Glad you enjoyed the pictures!!


Chyrll said...

The pictures look really cute!
Thank you for commenting on my blog.

Three Sisters Blog said...

The pics are so cute!

Hannah said...

Your pets are so sweet!

The Sisters said...

Chyrll,Three Sisters &Hannah,
Thanks for your comments!