Monday, June 4, 2007

Feeding the Flock

Yesterday evening (after it stopped raining) We went over to Miliken Park to feed the geese and as you can see they really seemed to enjoy our visit!(: As always we brought our camera along to take some photos so Enjoy!!


Three Sisters Blog said...

The pics look really nice.
The geese are so pretty.

The Sisters said...

Thanks for the comment.They really are cute!!

Happymama said...

Y'all are doing great with your pictures and posts. I really enjoy seeing the pictures. Looked like you had a nice time. Aren't geese wonderful?

~Mrs. Kristi

The Sisters said...
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The Sisters said...

Thanks for the nice comment Mrs. Kristi,Yes I have to agree geese are wonderful!!..(:


Moobear said...

Hello Sisters!
WHAT a nice blog you guys have! The first thing I see is that you like Elliott Yamin. Well super, so do I, but of course I also like Kellie Pickler, as she is from my hometown. As a matter of fact, she was baptized just last Sunday at the church down at the end of my street.
Also, I noticed you said you had gone to Milliken Park. My brother went to work for Milliken right out of NC State and retired last year with 41 years of service, so I have to assume you are in the Greenville, Spartanburg area. I will certainly read more and come back to see you again. Thanks much for stopping by my place and for your sweet comments. Roxy is a spoiled Yorkiepoo that Moobear and Dad love dearly. She loves back the most of any the dogs we have ever had, although we loved them all with all our being.
Keep up the good work with your blog and your schooling as education is a must in today's world. May God Bless you and have a great evening.

The Sisters said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment!!
Yes I guess its pretty plain to see we like (love) Elliott
That is really something that kellie was baptized right down the street from you(how exciting)!!we always liked her attitude on the show.Taylor Hicks is going to be in Spartanburg at the end of the month but I dont think we will go We were never really into his style of music.We are waiting for Elliott to come closer so we can go to his concert!! Well it was nice hearing from you come back soon!!


Hannah said...

The pictures look really nice!
Thank you for the comment on my blog.

The Sisters said...

Your welcome.Your blog is looking really nice!