Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pictures With Style!!

Lilttle Charlie
Charley and Harley
Here are a few pictures that I have added some "Bling" to!! lol...Enjoy. ~Holly


Homeschmama said...

I love the pictures!!
Love you all 4 Mom <><

Happymama said...

I love the one with your teeth sparkling. That was cute...and funny. LOL

I added the blingee site to my graphics file. That's so neat.

~Mrs. Kristi

Three Sisters Blog said...

I enjoyed looking at the pictures.
They're so cute!

The Sisters said...
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The Sisters said...

Mrs.Kristi,Glad you enjoyed the pictures! I had a blast making those Iam almost hooked to the "blingee"making thing lol. The one with our teeth "shining" was a pic. our orthodontist had made of us to advertise for his office so I thought it only fitting to add some bling to the

Three Sisters,Glad you enjoyed the pics!!