Monday, May 7, 2007

A Few Pictures of Our Flower Garden

Today It was sooo Beautiful Outside so after school We decided to go out and take a few pictures of our yard.The Birdbath is in our backyard and the "Birdgirl" and Fountain is in our front yard.We also have geraniums but we didnt get a picture of them.I googled Our "Ice plant" and found out that its real name is Carpobrotus edulis I was actually looking for more of a common name like pansie,geranium or something but thats all I found Well anyway.... Enjoy the Pics!!! (:


Anonymous said...

I just love the beautiful flowers.It is so nice to be able to look out about all our windows and see them growing. I love your blog. Mom

Three Sisters Blog said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Thank you for commenting on our blog. We wouldn't mind at all, if you put a link to our blog on your blog:)

The Sisters said...

Three Sisters,
Hi I havent been looking down here for coments latley so i didnt see that you said it would be okay to put a link to your blog on ours until now so i will get the link up asap!!Thanks for the permission!(: