Monday, July 13, 2009

Pictures Once Again..

Hi everyone! We have a new camera! yay! lol (: The one that we had got broken a few weeks ago. Therefore we weren't able to take or post any pictures. So hopefully now that we have a camera around we will be able to post more of our own pics! (= Here are a couple of pictures taken on our new camera..
~Have a Blessed Week!~


Brooke said...

Hey Holly!

Nice camera! The pictures look great. What kind is it?

Are you excited about starting college? After much prayer I changed colleges and won't be going to BJU this fall. I'm sorry because I really wanted to meet you! As much as I love BJU, I feel God leading me somewhere else. I hope all goes well with you though. I can't wait to hear about it and I hope you'll blog about your experience there.

Hope you are doing well! Just thought I'd stop by and say hello.

God bless,

Mississippi Songbird said...

those are great!

Marci said...

When do you leave for college? Are you going to do your own blog from there?

The Sisters said...

Hi Brooke,
Thank you for stopping by! I'm sorry that we want be able to meet at bj! But, where the Lord leads we must follow! (0: I hope you have a great first semester!

P.S. My camera is a Fujifilm finepix m360.


The Sisters said...

Hey Marci,
I will begin college on August 28th. Since I will be a town student (living at home) I plan on keeping things pretty much the same as far as blogging goes. I know I want have too much time for blogging at first but I hope to blog as much as I can. And maybe in the future I will make a blog of my own (0: