Friday, May 1, 2009

The reason for our absence...

Holly Marie Peeler's Facebook profile
We haven't posted on here in forever!
We usually blame it on school and today is no different.
However, we have accumulated a new Internet hobby...Facebook.
I (Holly) made my account a few days ago and Katie amidst her load
of school work is working on getting her one.
So now you know that we have not completely left the blogging world lol.
Just to busy to post...and there is that lack of interesting things to post about..
We do indeed miss the blogosphere though!
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Patti said...

Ive enjoyed Facebook too. I joined a couple of months ago and have found some long lost relatives and old school mates! I hope you have a nice weekend. See ya on Facebook!

Kate said...

I hope to get a Facebook this month!!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I'm on facebook.. Look me up!

Brooke said...

Seems like everyone is on Facebook these days...except me! Oh well, I don't think I'd have the time anyway.

Are you graduating this year? That's something to post about! I will be looking forward to it if you choose to do so...

Hope you've been well,

Abigail said...

LOL! I know exactly how Katie feels! I'm finishing up fifth grade on the 27th. I can't wait to be done! By the way, congrats on graduating!