Monday, April 20, 2009

Super busy...

Hi! We hope you all had a nice weekend!
We had a very busy one, hince our lack
of blogging.Our Grandpa came down from Maryland to visit and
attend a wedding in the family. He left yesterday.
So, now it's back to normal. School,chores, etc.
We want to be able to post more frequently
but with the end of the school year very close,it's really hard to
get a whole lot done other than school.
Our last day is May 22nd.
Oh, so close! lol (:
It's exciting for me (Holly) but sad at the same time.
I will truly miss being with my family all day and the daily routine
that I have maintained these past few years of high school.
However, I am excitingly awaiting college- a new chapter in life! (0;
~Have a great week!~