Friday, March 6, 2009


Hi! So all of the snow is gone now lol
It seems as though we were posting nothing but
snow pictures there for awhile!
Now everything is back to normal..
No more slushy mess.
Although it was nice to get a taste of winter weather!
The wonderful blessings of spring time are appearing now
and it is so nice! We noticed that some of our Daffodils
have bloomed. They are so pretty. The tulips should be
coming up pretty soon too. We can't wait! (:
After finishing school today Katie and I enjoyed a nice afternoon of
washing the car and just taking in the beautiful day.
Is it beginning to feel like spring where you are?
Have a great weekend!


Patti said...

Im so ready for spring! Monday it was in the 30's, yesterday in the 80s! We have had some crazy temps here in east texas.

Have a nice weekend!

Jessica said...

The snow was nice, but I'm so ready for warm weather!!! :) Your flowers are so pretty!!!!