Wednesday, November 12, 2008

David Archuleta's First CD!

We always look forward to watching American Idol each season. This year was no different. It was the audition rounds when we first heard David perform. Ever since we have been huge fans. Yesterday he released his first album. We couldn't wait to get it. We haven't heard all of the songs yet, but so far it sounds great. Making us proud to be Archuleta fans!
Here are a few pictures from the CD.

Have a great rest of the week!!


Annabeth said...

His CD is SO AMAZING!!!!! I just love him!:) I really love the song To be with you, Your eyes don't lie, and waiting for yesterday, but all the songs are wonderful!! He really did a great job!! I am so proud of him!:)

The Sisters said...

We totally agree with you Annabeth!!

Three Sisters Blog said...

Happy Autumn!!!! :)

~3 sisters

Cassidy Lynn (: said...

I do enjoy David Archuleta myself! =)

Love yall,

Hi! I'm Grace said...

well, i think i should have one, too. I have been following him, too. Thank you for this post, Holly and Katie. :)

Tallulah said...

Unfortunately, me and Teagan have fallen away from American Idol lately. Fun people always come out of it. :)

Visit our new blog if you like, we're two Christian girls too, who might as well be sisters :)

Tallulah (and Teagan)