Thursday, September 4, 2008

Driving and Apple time!

We hope you all are having a great week! We haven't really done anything exciting this week other than lots of school! I (Holly) have finally started driving..I have had my permit for several months now but for the sake of putting it off (: I hadn't attempted to get on the roads,until Sunday. I am doing pretty good I guess..I haven't ran into So far I have drove to our local Mall,Lowes,Target and around the area. I have also been on the interstate a couple of times. That is pretty much all we have been up to. We did find out that the apples are coming in at our favorite orchard.
We hope to go this weekend to purchase some.
~Have a great Friday!~


Mississippi Songbird said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and apples are delicious! Enjoy!

Meredith Ivy said...

Congratulations Holly! I remember how exciting it was to start driving!

Lisa said...

I can't wait to sink my teeth into a fresh juicy apple. Your doing good with your driving. Wtg both of you on a great 2nd week of school.Love, Mom

Autumn said...

Have fun picking apples!
I bet that you are having fun driving!

Kate said...

Keepers is kinda like Girl scouts. we meet once a month on mondays and do a Bible study. Then we do a craft and have a snack time.

Collin said...

Hey I love apples. My brother is 17 and has his permit, he's been driving quite a bit lately.