Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Southern Mansion.

Here is the puzzle that I put
together a few days ago.
It was a 1000 piece puzzle,
Entitled "Southern Mansion".
~Have a great day!


Lisa said...

You did a great job on your puzzle.I love the southern themes.
Love you lots Mom ~

Happymama said...

Katie, that is beautiful. I love all the colors. Are you going to frame it?

~Mrs. Kristi

Kate said...

That is really pretty!!
How long did it take to put that together??

The Sisters said...

Thank you! It took about 3 days with just working on it for a few hours each day.

Mississippi Songbird said...

I love puzzles. One day, i want to have a large tablen that i can just use for putting together puzzles..
I wanted to let you know that you are already entered in all of my big crumbs giveaways. It's for everyone that is one of my referrals. Have a great day!

The Sisters said...

Mississippi Songbird,
Thanks for letting us know about your giveaway!