Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How Addicted to Blogging are You?

We Took this quiz and found out that we are 71 percent addicted to Blogging!! Try taking the quiz...Its Pretty Cool.We have been Enjoying what time we have left before school starts,Like...Reading,Going outside(when possible..It has been really hot here.),Giving Our blog a makeover (:(Changed Template),And getting all of our school books and supplies organized,Cleaning,and just about everything else you do before school starts! Katie Had all of her Wisdom Teeth Removed yesterday so she is still getting over that,We both have been Lucky with not having much pain after the procedure which is a blessing! Hope everyone is having a great week!! ~Holly&Katie~


Lisa said...

Holly & Katie
The new Blog layout is beautiful.I love butterflies!I hope you feel better soon Katie and I am looking forward to a great year of school Love you 2. Momma

Happymama said...

Oh, poor Katie. I hope she recovers quickly.

Love the new look of your blog!

~Mrs. Kristi

The Sisters said...

Hi Mrs.Kristi,
Thanks for the comment!


The new layout looks like what I know of you girls. It is beautiful. I am thankful Katie is not having too much pain. glad the teeth are taken care of. Hope you all have a very good school year.

P.s. I took the test a while back, I am still of.lol My second son is always teasing me that I am addicted but I know that I am not.lol. The quiz even proved it. But blogging is lots of fun. connie from Texas

The Sisters said...

Hi Connie,
Thanks for the nice comment!
Yes,Blogging is alot of fun!
Have a nice day!