Tuesday, July 24, 2007

~*A Visit to Hatcher Garden*~...

Yesterday We Went to the Hatcher Garden & Woodland Preserve To take a walk along the Beautiful Trails. We brought our Camera but It wasn't fully charged so some of the Pictures are a little blurry..( we used our Cell phone)...Maybe we can get some better one's next time! Hope you enjoy them!! ~*Holly&Katie*~


Homeschmama said...

Holly & Katie
The Gardens were Awesome! We will have to go again and take a picnic.The Slide show was really nice. Love & Hugs Mommy

Three Sisters Blog said...

Wow! The flowers are beautiful!

Chyrll said...

The flowers are very pretty!

The Sisters said...

Three Sisters,
Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for commenting!


The Sisters said...

We apreciate your comments Love you!!


Laura H said...

Cool pictures!
I am a photographer,homeschooled daugher, who is living at home, with my parents!

I have a blog,too!

I really like the layout of your blog! Really good!

God bless!
Laura Hines

The Sisters said...

Hi Thanks so much for commenting!
We will go now and check out your blog!